About Elvira Alszegi

My inward journey began in my mid 30’s when I began seeking more purpose in my life... with the passing of my beloved parents, I began to seek a deeper connection to myself, a deeper meaning of life. I had the abundance of love and what the external world provided but deep down I needed to know that there was more to life than work, accumulation and then…

In the past I’ve had to work hard to find my voice, move past fear and to trust myself. I was a big people pleaser, overly accommodating and had poor boundaries which left me empty, resentful, frustrated and reactive. I began to shut down and loose myself. 

My parent’s passing was an emotional and spiritual catalyst for me to create change. That was my turning point! I dove into personal, spiritual growth, and even trained to be a Reiki  and Theta Healer. I had read many self-help books and although I have had the most amazing people in my life that have helped me along my journey, I still had so many questions….

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Journey to self-empowerment

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As part of my empowerment journey I become a Reiki Master and Advanced Theta Healer as well as enrolling in a Consciousness Coaching™ and Clinical Hypnotherapy course as a way to better understand myself, my triggers, my deep routed fears and how they were affecting my present state. This led to a significant personal transformation that also equipped me with the professional skills to now serve other women.

My desire to serve others is not new. I’ve been privileged to have coached Women’s Gymnastics for over 20 years. This gave me the outlet to empower young girls, to believe in themselves and their dreams…it was music to my soul.


This journey of my life is now about helping women find fulfilment, self-empowerment and joy as I have.  Being the change that you want to see in the world, and embracing the powerful being that you truly are…

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