8 hours worth of sessions with Elvira uncovered items that I never touched on in therapy.  Elvira's approach was supportive, gentle yet direct, to the point.


She's the ultimate ninja in highlighting areas that I was running away from, not wanting to confront. She did it in the most loving, skilled way.


She's the ultimate in highlighting the stories we tell ourselves and teaching us the tools to dissolve our stories and perceptions.


Elvira has changed the way I approach and live my life. 

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My journey with Elvira as my coach in understanding how my unconscious mind unfolds in my everyday life has been an overwhelming experience where I have learned an abundance of information to reflect upon.

Elvira has a gentle nature and a warming heart which has made my journey with her an amazing experience. I have found this information very informative and in understanding the processes it has given me a sense of ease which has relaxed my stresses. I found the awareness in understanding how the unconscious mind reflects in my everyday life experiences has made me stronger by attaining an inner strength and happiness.


My only regret is that I did not have this awareness earlier in my life, although I do believe that things do happen when they do for a reason.

Elvira’s coaching of the awareness of the unconscious mind is highly recommended.


Elvira, is the most magical, kind, compassionate person. To say she's helped me is an absolute understatement... there will never be enough words to describe her healing powers.


She helped me unlock doors I didn't even know were there to be opened (I feel like this is too short but I could go on for days)

Thank you Elvira

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I had a beautiful healing hypnotherapy session with Elvira. She met me exactly where I was at with so much empathy and understanding.


I went with an intention to work on my mindset but Elvira was intuitively guided to clear some emotional trauma on a deeper level. I feel lighter and clearer on all levels.


Thank you for connecting me so deeply to my inner child and for helping me realise that I hold the power to guide and support her when she needs me to.



Elvira is an extremely powerful, insightful and compassionate coach and guide. Her presence is soft and gentle, but do not let this misguide you. Her passion and dedication to her worlds work is second to none.

I experienced my first hypnotherapy session with Elvira. I wasn't completely sure of what to expect, but the minute I was in her space, I felt calm, relaxed and open. She patiently guided me to release energy blocks and beliefs that I was not aware I was harbouring and holding me back in living the life I know I i'm here for.


I highly recommend you connect with Elvira and experience this amazing ladies beautiful, contagious energy for yourself..

Much love to you Elvira and all that you offer this world.
You truly are a blessing.

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Practicing vs Preaching is how I would describe Elvira. 

Always so spot on with the ideas she shares but never in a condescending way, always suggesting there is another parallel thought path that leads elsewhere to a more rewarding plane.


Thoughtfulness and mindfulness are present in abundance.



Elvira’s coaching is heart centered and very transformation. Within a couple sessions Elvira knows what is holding you back to live the best version of your life.


With her loving and gentle personality she helps you get self-empowered to the next level and sets you up with practical invaluable skills to use in your daily life.


I'm thankful I've got the chance to work with her. 

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Elvira is a very calm, balanced, and understanding coach.


She has an innate ability to bring you to your core issues with ease and a sense of support, that make you realise that working through them doesn't need to be the insurmountable obstacle that you believed them to be.


She leads you through them like a cool breeze on a summers eve. She comes highly recommended by me.


Elvira has helped me overcome fears by offering guidance and tools which I used to empower myself.


I have improved my relationships with not only my husband, family and friends, but also with work colleagues and business dealings.


Life is looking great. Thank you Elvira! 

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Elvira is wonderful and I wouldn't hesitate recommending her to family and friends.


She has helped me to identify limiting beliefs and given me the tools to release them.


I am grateful to have worked with her and would encourage others to see her as well!


Elvira is a warm, positive and inspiring coach. She has helped empower me to be the best version of myself by overcoming my fears that held me back.


She has a strong, healing energy and I would highly recommend her!

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